Hello, we need to talk about our rules.

Hello patron,

We hate to be a bother, but your decoration or other item has caused a bit of a problem.  We don’t want to discourage you from honoring your loved ones, but we would like to offer some advice to help you avoid this problem in the future. 

You may have gotten a little red tag on an item at a gravesite.  It was placed there for one of three reasons:

  1. The item in question was not fully contained within the base of the headstone, which makes it difficult to mow around. 
  2. The item is a hazard, or can become a hazard.
  3. The item is a prohibited item, which include controlled substances (alcohol, tobacco, pornographic material, vape pens, etc.), flowers/trees/bushes planted after January 1st, 2021, or other prohibited item. 

If you have questions about the policy, you can read the full rules by visiting clicking here.  If you’d like to speak to a staff member about the decoration policy, please contact us.  

Thank you for helping us efficiently maintain the cemetery in a clean, safe and sacred manner.  We appreciate your help!