About Us

The Taylor Cemetery was established in April 1887 by pioneer homesteaders Abiah Wadsworth II and William Arave. They purchased a five acre piece of ground near the foothills east of Shelley, Idaho, from Charles Hardy for $65. The first burial was Abiah’s baby daughter Ellen Wadsworth. The oldest person buried in the
cemetery is Abiah Wadsworth I who was born in 1810.

Over the years, a number of cemetery improvements have been made including property expansion eastward to the highline canal, perimeter installation of a fence and donated evergreen trees, installation of an automatic sprinkler system, and paved roadways. These improvements were made possible due to a long list
of community members who have generously donated their time and expertise. Thanks to these individual’s efforts, a beautiful, serene and peaceful cemetery setting is enjoyed by all.

The Taylor Cemetery District was formed in 1930. This provided for an independent taxing district for funding maintenance of the cemetery. The cemetery has a three-member board of trustees that oversee cemetery operations. These three trustees are elected officials. The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is outlined in Idaho Code Title 27 Chapter 1 27-117. The cemetery taxing district is divided into
three zones with a trustee representing each zone. Zones 1 and 2 are both located in Bonneville County. Zone 3 is the nearby area located in Bingham County.